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Genetic Health of a Ragdoll

In search of a ragdoll? Never had a ragdoll cat before? AND, you need help with what to look out for? This is a great start! Where you look for a ragdoll is also important. Beware of scammers! Always verify on the TICA and CFA website that the cattery is registered, and for a plus, check out the breeder listing to veriy they URL (website address).

The kitten or cat's health should be of most importance to the breeder and the new future owner. This leaves you, the buyer with the responsibly to look out for ethical breeders who do genetic testing and spay and neuter. The spay and neuter may tell you that the breeder is responsible to make effort to NOT contribute to unethical back yard breeders. Support those who are ethical. The less people buy from unethical breeder the more pressure they will have to adopt good standards or to stop reproducing kittens unethically all together.

The basics to ask about:

-What genetic test they do on kittens parents?

-What vaccines and test kittens get? (Mine get Vaccinated to include a rabies vaccine, dewormed, and a Felv/Fiv test)

-Do they spay and neuter?

To avoid a scammer and lessen the change of being bamboozled into paying for a unhealthy or no cat at all! Check the cat association such as The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) or The International Cat Association (TICA) to verify the matter name. In most cases a legit breeder will be registered with one of these cat organizations.

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