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Purchase Process and Info

 As of Aug 2020  

Promotions/sale/price/conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.


Keep in Mind

  • MyChampionHeart/MCHeart retains the right to refuse the sale of any cat or kitten, and retains the right to choose the best home fitting to a kitten(s) base on breeder's definition of "best home."

  • Seller will have the priority/right to hold back any kitten.

  • Kittens will NOT be reserved without a deposit and Purchase Agreement(PA). Verbal or written agreement ie. messenger or email will not replace a deposit or PA.

  • Price will be listed for each individual available kitten after they have healed from spayed and neutered surgery. Approximately at 10+ weeks of age. Scroll down for price range listed below.

  • Please keep track on Instagram & FaceBook (<-- click link)

  •  Available Kitten page (<-- click link) for available kittens.




Deposit - Shipping/Travel - Payment


Note: NO MORE WEBSITE MEMBERSHIP for payments. This is no longer used.

Making a Deposit: 

  • Kittens - Once they are at listed available after healing from surgery. Deposit may be accepted via Zelle. A Purchase Agreement (PA) will be required prier to a deposit. 

  • Deposits will NOT be accepted to reserve a kitten from a litter in planning. A long waiting period is not ideal for you (adopting person/family). 

  • The deposit will be subtracted (excluding payment processing fees & tax) from the total price of a kitten. 

  • Deposits are nonrefundable. 

  • State Tax will be collected for all payments. 

About Deposit: 

This deposit demonstrate that the Purchasing party (the buyer) is serious and willing to demonstrate an earnest of good faith with a commitment to complete the transaction. If the Purchasing party breaches his or her contract due to their personal choice/issues, the Seller shall keep the deposit. It will be the Seller's discretion to provide a partial or full refund. 

Spay and Neuter:

  • All kittens are spayed or neutered before being released to the new owner, unless sold to a registered breeder.

  • Kittens will be available for pickup/travel once they are approximately 12-16 weeks of age or as approved by breeder.


Shipping/Traveling by air:

  • **Shipping(delivery) is NOT included with kitten/cat price** 

  • Kitten or Cat shall be paid in full and travel fees sent to Seller  7 business days before travel date or as listed on the PA and shipping shall be booked after a PA is signed. Contact Seller, for more details. 

Payment type accepted: 

  • All non-cash payments will require to be cleared before releasing kitten/cat or booking it's travel/shipping services. 

           1. Zelle/cash. Includes 5% discount - included in the listed price. 

           2. Pay Pal. Discount does not apply, add 5% to the listed price.

           3. Check. Only for remaining balance and required to be cleared                          before pickup. Kitten will not be release before check clears. Check must indicate in reason for payment, "Remaining balance for final sale of kitten ." 

  • All payments will be from the purchaser or co-purchaser listed on the PA.

  • Payment shall match the same purchasing party's listed name(s) as in the Purchase Agreement.

  • Payment from a person not listed as the purchaser or co-purchaser will not be accepted due to fraudulent payments occurring online. If someone will help you make a payment, the name from the sender(payer) will be added to the Purchase Agreement as a co-purchaser with his / her signature and dated before payment is sent. More details in the Purchase Agreement. 


**Please NOTE Additional Details**


  • Deposit is NOT refundable.

  • Deposit will be applied to the total balance of your cat / kitten.

  • All fees will be paid by the Purchaser for refunds if it applies (refunds only on a rare occasion at seller's discretion.

  • Cancelation fee of 5% of the payment made for every week a kitten is reserved due to lost of time for a potential home. This will apply when a refund is approved. 

  • Promotions/sale/price/conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.

  • Once a deposit and a Purchase Agreement is signed and dated by both the purchaser and seller, the listed kitten/sale/price/agreement is locked. If agreement is broken by the purchaser, fees will applies for cancellation.  

  • Be aware when putting a deposit for an unborn litter, the gender or number of kittens are not predictable. Not accepting deposits for unborn litters but, if it applies on a rare occasion with breeder's discretion, the rules just mention will apply and WILL NOT be a form of reservation, only a wait list. 

  • Kittens are reserved by a first come first server and upon an evaluation of family/home. Note, there may be others inquiring about the same kitten at the same time. If a wait-list is used by the breeder the following will apply...The date and time you joined is your seniority date. When you are up on the list, the breeder will contact you to ensure you will make a good match for the kitten(s). 

  • The breeder will have priority over any kitten/cat to hold back for further evaluation or to keep for this breeding program at any time before the kitten/cat is reserved with *full payment and Purchase Agreement listing the kitten's name.



Save with Zelle payments. PayPal payments accepted for convenience.






Deposit made with Zelle/Cash:

 Altered: $ 300 US Dollars

Breeder: $500 US Dollars


Deposit made with PayPal: 

Altered: $ 315 USD

Breeder/Show: $525 USD






(Including Deposit)

Alter kitten average price range: 

Mitted: $2000-$2500+ USD 

Bicolor: $2500-$3000+ USD

Lynx Kittens:

Mitted: *additional $200 USD

Bicolor: *additional $300 USD

Breeder: Inquire via Personal message 

☆Paying with Zelle saves ☆⬆️

☆Paying with PayPa ☆⬇️

Alter kitten Average price range: 

Mitted: $2100-$2625+ 

Bicolor: $2625-$3150+

Lynx Kittens:

Mitted: *additional $210 USD

Bicolor: *additional $315 USD

Breeder: Inquire via Personal message


State tax will be added to kitten/cat price.



Breeders will be required to show proof of their registered ragdoll cattery certificate and shall be in good standing with the association. MyChampionHeart/MCHeart will not provide breeding rights to non-registered breeders. Inquire by contacting MyChampionHeart. Preferably with Facebook or email.



Kittens will be posted on the Available Kittens page when they are ready to show off their charming looks on our website. 




Breeding Chart



 Dam and Sire  |   Posible Kitten patterns 

  • Ageva and Darrick: Mitted & Bicolor

  • Blue and Darrick: Mitted & Bicolor

  • Love and Darrick: *All Bicolors

  • Danea and Darrick: Mitted & Bicolor

  • Liv and Darrick: *All Mitted

  • Pink and Alexander: *All Blue Bicolor

  • Anastasia and Alexander: Mitted & Bicolor

  • Ageva and Alexander: Mitted & Bicolor

  • Blue and Alexander: Mitted & Bicolor

  • Love and Alexander: *All Blue Bicolors

  • Danea and Alexander: Mitted & Bicolor

  • Liv and Alexander: *All Mitted



 *Without* a Deposit and Purchase Agreement, kittens will not be reserved. Verbal agreements and social media messages/emails will not be a guarantee reservation. 


***** MyChampionHeart/MCHeart retains the right to refuse the sale of any cat or kitten *****



holding deposit pointing hand
Possible colors, patterns, and variations of kittens produced by My Champion Heart Ragdolls 

Will have the possibility of carrying chocolate.



Males: Red, Cream, Seal, and Blue.

Females: Seal and Blue.


The pattern for Male or Female:

Bicolor and Mitted. 

Note: Both patterns listed above can be Lynx or Tortie/Torbie. This will not change patter or is not a different pattern. 

Typing the words Lynx or Torti/Torbie on Google will populate any breed of cat and all patterns because this is not a pattern or breed specific. 



Males: Lynx and Non-Lynx

Female: Lynx, Non-Lynx, Tortie, and Torbie. Only females are Tortie or


Any pattern can be these variations listed above. 



Example of Non-lynx Blue Bicolor: Love

Example of lynx Seal Bicolor: Darrick

Example of Tortie Seal Colorpoint: Olivia

Example of Torbie Seal Mitted: Anastasia

Example of Lilac Mitted: Danae





Used for Adults and Kittens

Kitten & Adults


Any cat scratching furniture.

Kitten & Adults

Wet Food

 Chicken Soup for the Soul kitten wet (can food) has worked fine with both mom and kittens.

For Kittens only

Dry food

All kittens in my home love this food. New born and nursing mothers eat this food. Chicken Soup for the Soul has shown to be a good choice for both my adult and kittens

Cat Litter

Wood Pellets

100% pine for a safe, all-natural formula that does not contain chemicals, dyes or additives.

40lb bag $14.99

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 8.29.20 PM.png
Burning wood

Wood Pellets

Alternative Litter 40lb Bag $5.19

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 8.25.18 PM.png
Animal Bedding

Wood Pellets

Alternative litter  Environmentally friendly, all natural pine, neutralizing odor and absorbing moisture on contact. 40lb Bag $5.99

MyChampionHeart / MCHeart retains the right to refuse the sale of any cat/kitten. Brech of contract by breeder will result in the full deposit refund.