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First step I have for those interested in my kittens is to thoroughly explore the website and learn about my cattery and my process. I suggest starting by reading the Info and Price page. Many questions will be answered there. I provide detailed information on the website in order to answer common questions. 

Next visit the Available kitten page. 

After you have learned about me/cattery/price/process if still interested, I require the Kitten Pre-Application Questionnaire to be filled out. If you have experience with cats, please share this information in the form.

Second step, keep a close eye for upcoming kittens. Updates are posted on Instagram and Facebook. Kitten's most updated availability status is listed on the website ‐‐> Available kittens.

Third step, once you have been approved as a forever family, you will wait for a kitten, pick a kitten from the available options given. Note it is not first come first serve. I choose a potential family/individual I feel most comfortable to intrust my kittens with.

Fourth step is key...only a signed and completed Purchase Agreement followed by paying a $300 deposit will reserve a kitten. Inquiring alone is NOT priority towards a kitten. NOTE, there may be other approved potential-families/individuals interested in the same kitten you have your heart set on. My advice is to have all your questions and your requested kitten type(color, pattern, gender, "open to x, y and z," ect.) brought to my attention and checked off your list of things to do prior to picking a kitten. Do this during your wait (weeks to months). There is normally a wait due to not having enough kittens per family/individuals in waiting. Kittens reserve within hours (at most a few days) of being listed available. There is normally a number of approved Families/individuals ready to go. 

In addition,  I choose families/individuals I feel most comfortable placing my kittens with. Families/individuals who have been patiently waiting and staying connected normally have built some level of connection; which is a great way for me to learn more about a family or individual. Again, I want my gut feelings to feel comfortable with the forever family I pick for my fur babies. Being ready will speed up the reservation process leaving you, the family/individual, a better opportunity at reserving one of my kittens.

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