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CH. My Champion Heart Pink

My sweet little baby girl. Now a Champion Title girl.

Pink has a sweet expression. Like a little angel, a miracle to my heart.

When Pink was born she was a tiny little thing. She had a hard time competing with her sibling over mothers nipples. She was so small, at a disadvantage. I fought with her to help her grow. My little girl with giving out, but I could see she had a determination to live. Her body was giving up. Her tiny little body. We both did all we could to nurse her needs. Little by little she was improving. She soon started to walk! Before all her 4 siblings! She was the first to walk and transition to solid food, oh and drink fresh water. She said to death, "Not today." She didn't give death a change and did her part to have no issues transitioning to solid food. She figured, this is where my brothers can't push me away over food.

Pink is a petit girl but so so lovely. A face that melts and steals your heart. Pink is now 12 months old and soon to be a mother of her own.

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