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The Amazing must-have CAT TREE

Updated: Mar 11, 2018

Buying from my first time was a blessing I come about during a cat-conversation with a Facebook friend. I was always worried about buying from a unfamiliar website. Even though the prices seemed great, I felt it was too good to be true friend referred me to it. She had gotten her ragdoll, my girl's sister btw, a tree post.

My friend got this 52-Inch Cat Tree for under $50! With Free shipping! She mentioned how fast it arrived, in just a few days. It was too good of a deal, and since she had confirmed its arrival and proving the site was no scam at all. I quickly went on to Chewy's website. I couldn't believe how great the deals where. From shopping at pet stores, and seeing how their smaller trees were over $100! This website was a great deal! I got the 68-Inch Cat Tree for $59.99!

I got it within days! Fast and FREE shipping! WOW! Who can beat that!....

So, I got it in a big box, well packed. The instructions were too easy to read and understand and with LOTS of pictures. I built it with no help in a quick time. I have a video of my process on my Lemon's FaceBook page. It's a cute video while our Lemon (SealPoint Ragdoll) plays on the tree as I set it up. The tree has 10 thick scratching posts and a scratchboard ramp (leading to the hideout box). There is also dangling soft hunting toys, a mouse and a ball.

This is the 68-Inch Cat Tree I purchased from fetrued in my viedo >> << I hope you find this helpful and save $$ on you New kitty or current cat's furniture and accesories. She or he will absolutly love it these cat trees from

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