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Elegance of Color Transformation

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Ever wonder why Ragdolls are born all WHITE? Here is what I've discovered!

A newborn ragdoll comes into this world snow white! Similar to the puppies in the Walt Disney 1996 movie, 101 Dalmatians. Remember Cruella De Vil's outburst scene, "No Spots!? No spots at all! What a horrid little white rat!"

She later finds out the pups will get their spots soon enough. Like Dalmatian pups, newborn ragdolls will get their coloring and patterns in short time too.

Why are they born white?

The gene responsible for the white fur as newborns while the points darken over time, is called Colorpoint Restriction Gene (an albino gene that is referred to as Himalayan). "Color controls the production of melanin. Temperature sensitive alleles create points and sepia." - According to Veterinary Genetics Laboratory.

SO, what does this mean?

They are born white as they have been this color their whole lives while in their mother's stable warm environment. Once they are born, their exposed temperature changes and becomes inconsistent throughout their bodies. The extremities tend to be the coolest parts. Hint, the darker points in a ragdoll that we have come to recognize as colorpoint; the muzzle, ears, tail, and legs.

Not only does the Colorpoint Restriction gene create a stunning cat to witness transform throughout its first few years of life, it makes for a BIG beautiful and elegant cat with captivating blue eyes... You will have a few years to watch the gene work its magic until coloring matures. Some have said their coats lightens up in SUMMER months.

As they age, they will gradually gain their darker tones and patterns within the first week of life. Here is an example of a 2-year transformation! This is Kelly Bailey's seal point mitted Ragdoll named Scarlett. <3

With many combination and verity of patterns and colors, the ragdoll can be a breathtaking choice to choose from! The acceptable standards by TICA are: Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Cream, Tortie/Torbie and three different patterns: Point, Mitted, and Bicolour!! To top it off, the Lynx effect! The stripes banding like a tiger! As long as one parent passes on the lynx gene, any color or pattern can have they stripe banding.

Other colors and pattern are not accepted but, still beautiful Ragdolls, such as Minks, Sepia, and Solids, and any other color eyes but blue. Regardless, they have an awesome personality people come to love and enjoy. How can one decide which one to pick!??

These little big giants are certainly fun to watch grow. Keep notes and make a photo album of your ragdoll as she or he grows!

As for my LoVely ragdoll residents, this Blog was created to document growth, adventures and share ideas, info and thoughts with other ragdoll lovers. Also, to create a place to connect with friends of Ragdoll owners and the cat community =)

Have fun documenting! I hope your curiosity was feed today. ;)

MEOW Hi! From My Champion Heart / MCHeart ;)

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