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About The Ragdoll CAT

Updated: Dec 21, 2017

Looking for a friendly, calm, and loving CAT?! Look no further! Ragdolls are especially known for their easy going personality. Could be known as the puppy-cat! They will follow you around the house, room to room. They aren't very vocal but, when looking for you, she will call out to find you, in my experience. For the most part, they are very calm and relaxed. The Ragdolls are one of the biggies of all. Some males have reached over 30 lbs! Females are smaller at about 10 to 15 lbs on average. One of my favorite unique things ragdolls are known for is, going limp when picking them up. Unlike other cats who stiffen up or fight you to be released... ragdolls love cuddle time!

I have even put my ragdoll around my neck, walk around the house, while she just lays my neck and purrs happily.

Ragdolls where created in California by Ann Baker in 1963. She combined and white Angora with two other long-haired breeds with siamese style points. They have amazing blue eyes and fluffy bunny like fur. Their coats are easy to care and non-matting coat and striking appearance with a few health issues when well breed.

"Kyoto, Tiki, Daddy Warbucks and Fugianna were the first cats Ann registered as Ragdolls on December 30, 1966. The two solids were never registered as Ragdolls." – written by Wain Pearce

  • Daddy Warbucks: Registration Number 66-0577-6

  • He is the first cat registered as a Ragdoll!

  • Tiki: 66-0578-6

  • Kyoto: 66-0579-6

  • Fugianna: 66-0580-6

Bullet points and quoted text referencing from

Watch Video on YouTube:

Animale Planet: Cats 101 - Ragdoll

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