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What IS a Ragdoll?

Protect the breed

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Desi (2016, October 04)  If you have a "Ragdoll-like cat," you are welcome to post here and be a member of our community.  This information is for educational purposes.  If you are in the process of buying, or are looking to buy Ragdoll, you will want to know this information before completing your purchase.

Mink cats are not Ragdolls.  They do not have the genetics to be Ragdolls.  Any breeder purporting to breed mink "ragdolls" is not telling the truth.  Let's review what a Ragdoll is:

First and foremost, a Ragdoll is a Blue Eyed, Pointed cat, with semi-long hair and an affectionate, puppy-dog like character.  

A Mink (sepia, solid, or Blue Eyed White/BEW) cat DOES NOT have 1. Blue Eyes, and 2. Points.  Because they are not pointed or blue eyed. What is a Ragdoll?

Here is what the registries and clubs say about what a Ragdoll is:

So, no, Mink, Sepia, Solid, or Blue Eyed White cats are not rare Ragdolls, they are not Ragdolls at all.  They do not demand a higher price, because in fact they are not Ragdolls.  They are not "rare" in the sense of a "rare" Ragdoll "color" because a Ragdoll cannot be any of those patterns or colors.  If anything, they should be given away as moggies, with a small rehoming fee, and free health insurance (because a breeder that breeds these cats has no idea what they're doing and is probably selling a sick cat at a premium price).

Do you have a Mink, Sepia, Solid, or BEW that has papers?  That's because in order to be registered in a registry, ONLY ONE of the cat's parents have to be a Ragdoll.  For more on how Registries and registration papers are no guarantee that your cat is a Ragdoll, please see 
The Truth About Registries


Desi. (2016, October 4). The Truth about Minks (and Sepias and Solids and Blue-Eyed Whites) . 

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