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Blue bicolor male.

Born summer of 2022.

Check his video on TikTok/IG prior to inquiring and sending the required Questionnaire.

Ping Pong, the charming and affectionate Ragdoll Blue Bicolor Lynx boy who will undoubtedly do his best to win your heart! 🐾💙

Ping Pong is a delightful chatterbox, always eager to engage in heartwarming conversations with us, his beloved human companions. He is a socially dependent furball with a special bond with my teen son. Give Ping Pong an opportunity to melt your heart with his endearing meows, calling out for you whenever you step away from the room. 🗣️😻

Originally, I intended to keep Ping Pong for breeding purposes, but after some consideration I will bring in a new blood line in the future. I believe that a loving family awaits him, someone who can cherish his chatty nature and shower him with the affection he deserves. 🌟💕

His videos are on my TikTok account. Look me up as MyChampionHeartRagdolls.

Note on Instagram it’s the same name but with out “Ragdolls” at the end. Type MyChampionHeart for Instagram.

He will be


Dewormed as routine



Rabies Vaccine

Nexguard Combo - helps protect against heart worm disease, intestinal parasites, and fleas.

He is $900 with the exception if by chance his surgery and vet bills goes over this amount (rare case scenario) the amount will increase to match the cost. Invoice will be provided of course to serve as proof.

He will have a Lions 🦁 cut. I normally shave my adults randomly though out the years. His fur will grow back!

Ping pong

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