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Princess Dianna - Adoption Information


Soon to be retired.

Daughter of Regional Award Winning male, Blueyed Dream Darrick, and Champion title, Ragmatical Love.

Parents can be found in the "Queens" & "Kings" categories on "Our Ragdolls."


Birth date: 2020/07/09

Pattern: Bicolor

Color: Blue

Variation type: Lynx (striped/banding)


Personality and Needs:


Princess Dianna was never shown for competition due to her extreme shyness. I aim to find her a forever family that is peaceful, loving, and patient. Raised alongside my other ragdoll babies and mothers, each with unique personalities, Princess Dianna is a delicate beauty, extremely shy, and afraid of loud sounds, sudden movements, and strangers.


Currently, she finds some comfort with my tech savvy son, who has a high level of love for cats and often fosters kittens. Despite being with him for almost a year, she remains shy but comfortable in his presence.


Ideal Home:


  • An adult-only, very low-energy home.
  • A “Zen” home would be perfect.
  • Medical and Health Information:


What to expect:

  • She will be spayed.
  • Updated rabies vaccine will be provided.
  • A month of Nexguard combo prescription medication (preventative for heartworms, intestinal parasites, fleas, and ticks) will be provided.
  • DNA tested for various diseases and traits.
  • A CBC test and exam will be conducted.


The adoption fee will cover all medical expenses to prepare her for a new home. If the total amount exceeds $1000, an invoice will be provided. The remaining balance will be required, though this is unlikely.


Disclosure: In the event the total cost exceeds $1000 after a good faith deposit and Purchase Agreement (PA) have been completed, the increase in price will permit cancellation of the agreement with a full refund of the deposit. However, for any other reason for cancellation, the good faith deposit will be non-refundable.


Note: Her surgery may not be scheduled or completed prior to a future reservation (hold) for her adoption. Reason for not having the exact amount at this very moment.

Princess Dianna

  • A good faith deposit is a sum of money provided by the purchaser as a show of commitment to the purchase agreement. This deposit demonstrates the purchaser's serious intent to proceed with the transaction.


    Disclosure: In the context of this agreement, the good faith deposit is non-refundable, except in cases where the total cost to ready cat for new family exceeds the listed amount for RETIRED QUEENS/KINGS. In such cases, the buyer has the option to cancel the agreement and receive a refund of the deposit if purchaser do not agree to pay the additional cost.

  • The following is required:

    1. Questionnaire (<- click) completed and emailed to
    2. Approval to process with the reservcation by MyChampionHeart.
    3. A completed Purchase Agreement.
    4. Good faith Depost via Zelle in the amount of $400.
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