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Introducing our "Cool Zone Babies" – the second litter of the year! 🌞🐱 These adorable furballs are here to bring a refreshing breeze to this scorching summer! 🌊 With their cute and playful personalities, they are sure to melt your heart and whisk away those summer blues. 🌈🐾

This beautiful litter of 5 kittens is ready to fill your home with joy and laughter. 🌸🏠 Let their boundless energy and affectionate purrs brighten up even the hottest days. 😻❤️ Don't miss the chance to add some coolness to your life and adopt one of these sweet little darlings today! 🌟🌞

All kittens are bicolor.

Color: Blue and Seal

A couple lynx.

Litter-waitlist is now open.

Fill out the questionnaire by requesting it.

Good faith deposit to join the litter waitlist. Families will choose their kitten in the order I reserve deposit/Agreement doc. Text 517 505 6130 for inquiries.

Price range 3000-3500

Average 3k

Litter of 5

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